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Adult Dyslexia Checklist - free online test

By M.D. Vinegrad

Please answer Yes or No to each question. Do not miss any questions out. If in doubt, choose the one which feels like the truer answer. 

1) Do you find difficulty in telling left from right?
2) Is map reading or finding your way to a strange place confusing?
3) Do you dislike reading aloud?
4) Do you take longer than you should to read a page of a book?
5) Do you find it difficult to remember the sense of what you have read?
6) Do you dislike reading long books?
7) Is your spelling poor?
8) Is your writing difficult to read?
9) Do you get confused if you have to speak in public?
10) Do you find it difficult to take messages on the telephone and pass them on correctly?
11) When you have to say a long word, do you sometime find it difficult to get all the sounds in the right order?
12) Do you find it difficult to do sums in your head without using your fingers or paper?
13) When using the telephone, do you tend to get the numbers mixed up when you dial?
14) Do you find it difficult to say the months of the year forwards in a fluent manner?
15) Do you find it difficult to say the months of the year backwards?
16) Do you mix up dates and times and miss appointments?
17) When writing cheques, do you frequently find yourself making mistakes?
18) Do you find forms difficult and confusing?
19) Do you mix up numbers like 95 and 59?
20) Did you find it hard to learn your multiplication tables at school?
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