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Free dyslexia resources and useful links for business:

Reading and spelling resources for dyslexic adults

10 words you need to stop misspelling - funny and clear Try the quiz too.

BBC Skillswise - Spelling - factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes to improve spelling skills

Ghotit - free online spellchecker devised for those with SpLDs 

City College Manchester Spelling Quizzes - lots of interactive material  including proof reading 

Divide and conquer - rules and practice for dividing words into syllables 

Ginger - another online grammar and spellchecker 

Writing, grammar and punctuation resources for dyslexic adults

BBC Bitesize K2 - help with different types of writing 

BBC Skillswise - Grammar - factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes to improve grammar and punctuation

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation -  explanations of the rules followed by quizzes 

Bristol University - Punctuation exercises - online and self marking 

English Toolbox - Punctuation - concise overview in a table 

Exploring English - explains parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentence etc. 

Guide to Punctuation - a whole punctuation textbook online 

How to use a semicolon - funny and clear 

How to use an apostrophe - also funny and clear

Towson University - online exercises - grammar, punctuation and confusable words

Videojug - Punctuation - video explanations 

http://www.idiomsite.com/ (Idioms)

http://www.berghuis.co.nz/abiator/lang/lscr/lscrindex.html (Interactive English Activities)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/english/games (Interactive English Activities)

http://www.quia.com/pages/havefun.html (Jeopardy-like English games)

http://www.english-zone.com/spelling/sup1.htm (Superlative Adjective quiz)

http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/compcontrast/map.html(Compare & Contrast Map)


Maths support for dyslexic adults

Free Maths Worksheets - 6000+ printable maths worksheets 

Interactivate - large number of maths activities (some very high level)

Strategies for coping with maths for dyslexic adults

Coping with Maths Anxiety - wordy but useful 

Solving Story Problems - how to cope with 'wordy' maths problems 

Software for dyslexic adults

Sophisticated word processing program with accompanying speech

A visual approach to learning and memorising

Reading and writing tool

Word prediction in many languages

Overlearning and other strategies:

Inclusive technology

Useful books on Dyspraxia in adults

Biggs, V (2005) Caged in Chaos. A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free, Jessica Kingsley: London

Colley M (2006) Living with Dyspraxia. A Guide for Adults with Developmental Dyspraxia, Jessica Kingsley: London 

Grant, D (2005) That?s the Way I Think. Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Explained, (David Fulton: London)

Swain, J et al, (2004) Disabling Barriers: Enabling Environments, Sage Publications: London and New York

Werenowska, N (ed.) (2003) Dyspraxic Voices. Adult Experiences of Dyspraxia and Related Conditions, DANDA:London

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