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Leadhills, Lowther Hills, ScotlandHalfpenny Development Ltd

Halfpenny Development Ltd is a neurodiversity service company  for businesses and organisations. It is based in Scotland's beautiful Southern Uplands, within easy reach of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Carlisle.

The company was established in 2012, by Jan and Cameron Halfpenny. Its aim is to help organisations to take account of neurodiversity in the workplace.

The company provides dyslexia diagnositic assessments, workplace needs assessments, consultation, tuition, mentoring and training in neurodiversity. 
The company’s website is also an information resource for trainers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs and employees, in order to give them the best help and advice available, to harness the positive aspects of neurodiversity and remove it as a barrier to success in the workplace.

Halfpenny Development Ltd’s clients include Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, local authorities, private training organisations and individual entrepreneurs.

Jan Halfpenny’s résumé.

Cameron Halfpenny’s résumé.

Contact us to find out the many ways we could develop your business to take account of neurodiversity.

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