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Jan HalfpennyJan Halfpenny

Managing Director of Halfpenny Development Ltd.

Jan is experienced in explaining, supporting and researching dyslexia and neurodiversity at the highest levels. She is a qualified specialist with a post graduate qualification in dyslexia and has a Masters in Education (Equality and Diversity).

She has mentored, trained and tutored a significant number of neurodiverse adults, to create individual techniques which capitalise on their strengths to use when they encounter areas of difficulty. Jan has run workshops and information sessions for academics, teachers and businesses and has produced research that has been used by government bodies to shape their service provision to entrepreneurs.

Jan writes on dyslexia, entrepreneurship and neurodiversity in adults. She has contributed articles to Women's Enterprise Scotland, Business Women Scotland, Enterprise Child, EasyRead and the3rdi magazine. Jan is dyslexic and has other learning and communication difficulties herself which means she can speak from personal experience of the barriers faced everyday in business.

In the past Jan has been Chair of FSB for Lanarkshire, was part of the Cross Party Group on Dyslexia at the Scottish Parliament and Chair of a branch of a national dyslexia charity.

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