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Benefits and drawbacks of dyslexia in business

I meet many people with dyslexia who are starting up businesses and they ask lots of questions on key themes. Here is the next question in my series:

What are the benefits and drawbacks of dyslexia when starting up a business?

Whenever I am asked this I point them towards the findings of research carried out by Business Link in 2008. They found that:

  1. 67% of respondents who took part in the dyslexia survey believe that dyslexic entrepreneurs are more determined
  2. 69% of dyslexic entrepreneurs considered creativity to be a strength
  3. 58% also rated lateral thinking and problem solving as a strength
  4. 51% of dyslexic entrepreneurs believe fear of making mistakes is a barrier to business.
  5. 12% of respondents feel that dyslexia presents ‘no barriers’ when starting up a business
  6. 71% of dyslexic entrepreneurs struggle with completing a written business plan
  7. 48% of respondents felt that having dyslexia had reduced their confidence levels, when working as employees.
  8. 28% of entrepreneurs stated that dyslexia has stopped them applying for jobs

Business Link (2008) Dyslexia and Start-up Businesses

So while many see the advantages of dyslexia, it is clear that there are areas of difficulty that are experienced by many. These difficulties can be dealt with if they are properly understood and not avoided. Understanding your dyslexia and the impact it can have - both positive and negative can be crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

Jan Halfpenny writes, conducts research and trains organisations and individuals on dyslexia and business.  

Recent research on dyslexic entrepreneurs: In Their Element: The Case for Investing in Dyslexic Entrepreneurs


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