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Learning a foreign language with dyslexia

Learn a foreign language with Linkword Language's dyslexia-friendly learning system

Dr Michael Gruneberg

When conducting overseas trade, learning the language that your customers speak can appear to be a daunting task for dyslexics and non-dyslexics alike. Being able to reduce the anxiety felt by many who go through this learning process can bring benefits to trade in many ways; this made the courses from Linkword Languages interesting to Halfpenny Development Ltd.

These skills are important for improving the export market, and the courses allow users to rapidly acquire an extensive local vocabulary up to 3 times faster than other methods, both for dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners of all abilities. The Linkword courses use well-established science-based memory techniques which significantly improve the brain’s ability to remember foreign words without the need for tedious repetition.The Linkword courses are designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own space, removing the pressures that learning in a classroom environment can often create for dyslexic learners. The result is a boost in personal self-confidence from rapid learning, which can only deliver more effective interactions with clients, increased scope for new opportunities overseas and more relaxed travelling and dining out experiences abroad.

The courses have been developed by Dr. Michael Gruneberg, an internationally recognised UK expert in learning methods. A body of research evidence on Dr. Gruneberg’s courses has reported that as well as improving the rate of learning, the courses also score high compared to other methods for being:

  • easy to use;
  • an enjoyable way to learn a language;
  • a motivator for making future progress. 

Linkword Language Courses and dyslexic ways of learning

For learners of a new language, gaining confidence through success at the start of their learning is an important factor in determining future success. Linkword courses instil this confidence by giving users plenty of practice with constant feedback on progress, so you
know exactly how you are doing. This method brings rapid results, which act as a positive motivator for users to continue learning.

Establishing positive self-esteem is known to be crucial at the start of language learning, when attitudes and perceptions of progress are being established for the first time. Linkword’s uncluttered visual presentation and focus on the ways in which dyslexic people learn make these courses useful tools for raising self-esteem through achievement, among a group of learners who have regularly had difficulty achieving success with traditional teaching methods or situations.

Traditional foreign language teaching methods have centred on verbal exposure to the language, with speech-based teaching requiring the learner to retain lists of facts or information. This approach creates difficulties for dyslexic learners who typically have phonological, auditory or short-term memory processing difficulties. This requires different teaching methods in order to be successful, and Linkword’s multi-sensory approach, delivering information in different forms at once, makes these courses particularly suited to the creative and visual ways in which dyslexic people typically learn. Dyslexics tend to possess high-level abilities to link concepts together and make new associations, which is a main method of teaching and learning used in the Linkword courses.

Case Studies from UK schools show increased performance in dyslexic children using the Linkword method, both in increased exam marks and better retention of vocabulary, matching standards with average non-dyslexic learners. Achieving this performance in a business context can bring benefits for individuals, exports and the economy as a whole.

More information on the research behind Linkword Language courses can be accessed at linkwordlanguages.com 


Linkword language courses deliver valuable methods for improving performance and instilling motivation to learn. These two aspects of learning have traditionally presented barriers to dyslexic learners, and these products overcome both of them. This makes them very suitable for progressing foreign language learning among this group. 

We are delighted to offer a short Free Trial of the software and audio courses for each language.

 If you decide a Linkword package is not for you then there is a 60 day money back guarantee on all products.





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