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Training in dyslexia for businesses

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Training in dyslexia for businesses is now available online

Understanding and Supporting Dyslexia in Business:
Trainers, Coaches and Mentors

Make your staff development dyslexia-friendly!

Dyslexia is not always easy for Learning Development and HR staff to facilitate and support.  Dyslexia and other co-occurring differences can impact on the success of training projects and on individual trainees’ prospects, if it remains a barrier to learning at work. 

Knowledge of the impact of dyslexia at work is low. Our market research showed the need for a training package which trainers and coaches in organisations could use to identify:

  • the learning issues dyslexic trainees may be having at work;
  • effective support they can put in place to improve outcomes of training.

 To help trainers to realise this goal of delivering dyslexia-friendly training, dyslexia experts at Halfpenny Development have created a new online training course:

 Understanding and Supporting Dyslexia in Business:
Trainers, Coaches and Mentors

This course allows you to invest in your Learning and Development staff by equipping them with a bank of knowledge on making reasonable adjustments for trainees with dyslexia or other co-occurring learning differences.  For instance it teaches your staff how to deliver information, so that:

  • Online dyslexia trainingdyslexic trainees retain more knowledge from training;
  • company trainers deliver the most inclusive training possible;
  • organisations advance best practice in inclusion and equality provision.

A small research study that we carried out in conjunction with the Employment Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University in 2013 showed that training in this area can increase skills and loyalty, and improve perception of an organisation as an effective trainer and inclusive employer.

The course teaches organisations the benefits and mechanisms of adapting their delivery of course content. In this way, Learning and Development staff can improve  access to learning for the 1.3 million dyslexic workers who work for the UK’s medium and large organisations.

The course tutors are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in dyslexia. They are available to answer any questions and take part in Forum discussions. The tutors verify test results and course completion before a CPD Certificate is awarded. 

Find out more about the course: http://www.halfpennydevelopment.co.uk/online-training/


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