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Employment among dyslexics is up, but who is skilled enough to train them?

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Training and dyslexia

ONS figures on employment in the UK were released today.
This is what they look like with just the word ‘dyslexic’ added:

  • 82,000 more dyslexics are in a job than a year ago;
  • dyslexic employment now stands at 3.06 million;
  • over 200,000 more dyslexic people are in private sector employment since the start of 2010.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith said: “The government’s long-term economic plan is to build…a fairer society… [tens of thousands of dyslexic] people are replacing their signing-on book with a wage packet”.

Research indicates that corporations are not yet geared up to facilitate the learning and training needs of this group.

If, as IDS says, the “economic plan is to build a fairer society”, then corporate HR must be knowledgeable about how to improve their dealings with dyslexic staff. Gaining better knowledge and understanding of dyslexia in the workplace would be a good way to start to add value to these 82,000 new wage packets.

Sources: ONS 13/8/14    BDA (10% of adults are dyslexic)


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