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Need to learn Spanish, French or Mandarin quickly? There is a solution

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Success ModelThis post tells exporters about a solution at hand to a business problem identified earlier this year in The Guardian and the British Academy’s Living Languages report:

“62% of companies aspiring to export regard languages as a barrier.”

 “According to the government’s own statistics, deficient language skills costs the UK economy £48bn every year.”

One way to close this net is to make sure that entrepreneurs learn how to translate their sales messages into the languages spoken by their potential overseas customers. As Cass Business School has established that      20% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic, providing a dyslexia-friendly way of teaching these languages is going to be significant for success.

Fortunately, the solution is with us: for 30 years Linkword Languages has offered dyslexia-friendly courses on the planet’s top 5 spoken languages, and more than 20 others.

Their “Survival” packages contain just 200 words and phrases, ideal for new, casual or unexpected business interactions.

Their complete courses can help to enhance existing customer relations with export clients.

In 1983 The Financial Times reported how Linkword helped Thomson Holidays to “cut the time needed to learn a basic vocabulary and grammar by no less than 70%”.

In 1985 The Guardian declared that “it works and it’s fun”.

Nothing works for everyone of course, so Linkword offers a free 2 minute demo. If this has you speaking a few words straight away, then the whole course will work for you too.

Linkword courses suit the creative and visual ways that dyslexics learn, and have been highly-rated for being easy, enjoyable and engaging for the dyslexic learner. Their relaxed manner reduces the learning anxiety that dyslexics can feel and fuels further progress, making this a long-term asset for the export sector.

With 30 languages available to download immediately, the UK can now start to call in the missing £48bn – translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Hindustani, Russian, Arabic…

See the full Living Languages Report here

Read my short article on Linkword: Dyslexia-friendly language courses translate into success for exporters

Services for dyslexic entrepreneurs are available from Halfpenny Development Ltd


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