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6 Tips for good proof reading

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Here are 6 tips for proofreading your work to a more accurate standard:

1. Make sure you re-read your work before you publish it.

Read your work back to yourself slowly and out loud if you can. Does it make sense? Circle any errors and note down a correction.


2. Give your work to someone else to read.

A fresh pair of eyes regularly finds errors that authors did not notice, even after re-reading their own work. This is a popular and invaluable step towards accuracy. Find someone with a good grasp of the language, such as someone for whom accurate use of language is part of their job, like a teacher, writer or administrator. 


3. Start reading from the end of the document.

Read your sentences, paragraphs and pages in a different order from how you intend to present them. The new context gained from being jumbled up often shows up errors previously hidden by simply being read in the same position all the time.


4. Isolate the part you are checking

Using coloured paper, cover the text above and below the sentence or paragraph you are proof reading in order to minimise interference and distractions from the other parts of the document. Your focus on the work will be improved.


5. Be prepared to check if you are not sure.

Readers expect to read information which is accurate, and without accuracy any company can look unprofessional. Reassure your customers and investors by having a policy of checking any part of your work that you are unsure of.


6. Make sure a reference source is handy.

Checking information is most accurately accomplished when your reference sources are close at hand for you to consult. Make time for your proofreading tasks when you have easy access to a dictionary, encyclopedia or other quality reference source you require.

Deploying the strategies above will help you produce more accurate work more of the time.

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