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Dyslexia Friendly Language Learning

Ideal for travelling abroad, for exporting, for talking to overseas clients.
Helps students to learn up to 3 times faster than normal.

                Take two minutes to discover that you can learn the language of your choice much faster than you thought possible.       
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What clients say about Linkword language courses:

I am dyslexic. A few years ago I found Linkword, started to learn Spanish and it is absolutely fabulous. It has to be one of the easiest ways of learning a language in the world. I run the British Dyslexia Centre and have told many parents about this way of teaching languages. - Maria Chivers, Dyslexia A2Z

As a dyslexic person I was astonished at how quick, easy, effective and enjoyable the Linkword system is. The website says that with Linkword, people can learn up to 3 times more quickly than with conventional methods. I would say that with my dyslexia I have actually learned even more quickly than that. - Andrew Glynn, Brixton

The most entertaining language  tutor of all. It works and it’s fun. - The Guardian

It took 12 hours  to teach a  regime that  normally takes  40 hours. - Thomson Holidays, in the Financial Times

Why Linkword courses help dyslexic learners:

  • Learning a language can often be challenging for dyslexic learners when conventional teaching methods are used.
  • Dyslexic people tend to have well developed abilities to link things together and make associations, which is a primary learning method used in the Linkword language courses. Many studies have shown this method to be far more effective than rote learning in rapidly acquiring a new vocabulary.
  • There is also much more included in Linkword packages: all courses teach grammar and sentence translations in ways that are easy and enjoyable to use.
  • For French, Italian, German and Spanish the courses cover all major grammar points up to GCSE/National 3 level. All other courses give a flying start to learning the language quickly and effectively.
  • Case Studies from UK schools show increased performance
    in dyslexic children using the Linkword method, both in increased exam marks and better retention of vocabulary, matching standards with average non-dyslexic learners.
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                     (use the code 'Halfpenny' at the checkout for a 10% discount)

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