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 Training and Consultancy Services  

Training and consultation in person is often the most effective method of delivery, where client and trainer can engage in a dynamic and focused way on the matters at hand. Our consultancy service provides expert advice on inclusion, reasonable adjustments and neurodiversity that will enable companies to move forward with confidence.

Our training helps you to gain a better understanding of your neurodiverse clients and adjust your business arrangements to take account of the range of ways that they process information and interact. You can learn how to confidently use the successful tools and methods which add value to your business relationships and create new business opportunities.

The training aims to give you knowledge about:

  • the different ways neurodiverse clients might process your communications
  • how to fine-tune your communications for maximum impact
  • how to turn neurodiverse clients into valuable long-term assets
  • legal requirements for making services accessible
  • the nature of neurological differences

Training can be tailored to meet your priority business needs and delivered on your premises or at a central venue for teams of up to 20 people.


Please contact us with your requirements or for more information

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